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The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 are applicable to all new domestic projects over 40m2 commencing after March 1st 2014.


Under the new regulations it is the Building Owners responsibility to ensure that their new house is built to these standards by appointing qualified professionals to undertake such works on their behalf.


The Building Owner must appoint the following:-


1. Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)


A Registered Professional (Registered Architect, Chartered Engineer or Registered Building Surveyor) as the Designer Certifier to design and certify compliance with the Building Regulations.


2. Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)


Assign a nominated person as the Builder and they must satisfy themselves of the nominated contractor’s competence and experience to complete the works in question.


3. Assigned Certifier


An Assigned Certifier to sign off on all works on site (this person can be the same person as the ‘PSDP’).


Alternatively you can appoint McAreavey Construction as sole point of contact and we can assemble and organise this team on your behalf.